söndag 23 september 2012

You thought that Obama has eased the US blockade against Cuba? Think again...

By Jorge Capelán.

You thought that Obama has eased the US blockade against Cuba? Think again...

$ 1,066,000,000,000 The total damage the US blockade has caused the Cuban people since 1959 taking into account the depreciation of the US Dollar.

$ 245,000,000 The value of Cuban assets withheld by the Treasure Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) by the end of 2011.

$ 22,500 The fine charged by OFAC to the Metlife US-American insurance company in New York for issuing a direct check payment to a Cuban national.

14 The number of US-American scientists whose travel licenses were denied by the Treasure Department and thus weren't able to participate in an international event on Ernst Hemingway held in Cuba on june, 2011.

2 The number of years in a row that Cuban nationals have been denied the possibility to participate on a programming competition by Facebook. (That was last year, so the actual figure might be 3)

$502,408 The fine charged by OFAC to Flowserve Corporation in Texas for trading with Cuba and other rebel countries.

$2,500,000 Additional fines to the same company charged by various departments in Washington for the same reason.

2 The number of US citizens facing charges of 15 to 25 years in prison for suspicion of conducting real state businesses in Cuba. Their names: Marc Verzani and Adem Arici. They were arrested on December, 2011.

2 The number of the month this year when Obama extended 2 directives which, among other things, prohibit boats and leisure yachts to navigate to Cuba.

3 The number of the month this year it became public that the Oregon based Esco Corporation was being under investigation on suspicions that one of its subsidiaries in Canada used Cuban nickel in its products.

959 The number of the bill passed by Florida governor Rcik Scott which prohibits the State and local governments to sign contracts for over one million dollars with companies doing business with Cuba and other countries.

Well, I'm on page 3 of a 26-page document full of facts like these. So, if you thought that Obama is soft on Cuba, think again.

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