onsdag 9 januari 2013

The new shark lawyer putschism in Latin America

Listening to much of the Latin American right-wing opposition these days is somewhat of an interesting exercise in what in Swedish is called "rättshaveri" - a sort of litigious dogmatism whereby an individual or a small group pursues a legal cause that already has been judged beyond any reasonable limit thus affecting the legal system itself which must dedicate an ever increasing amount of resources in order to deal with never ending and meaningless appeals. The term is not a neutral one of course, but imagine the Latin American situation, with veritable hoards of upper-class shark lawyers deploying every tool in their quasi-legal arsenal in order to "prove" that a popular leader is a tyrant, a putsch is a legitimate protest or a drug lord, a law-abiding entrepreneur. Imagine those shysters getting all the air time on private TV shows and all the front pages on the private newspapers. Imagine those thugs getting all the money and attention from NATO powers and their media (as well as the "support" of their aircraft carriers). Such are today's so-called "soft coups". Fortunately, that method doesn't bite anymore on a well-known group of countries in the region.

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